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DOT Drug and Alcohol Consortium

Ensure DOT compliance and a safe substance-free workplace with New Era Titans DOT drug and alcohol testing services. With our expertise and over 12,000 testing facilities, our dot drug and alcohol consortium simplifies DOT testing, seamlessly adhering to the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) strict and mandatory regulations.

Drug And Alcohol Consortium

DOT Drug Test Requirements

Employees within agencies regulated by the Department of Transportation, including the FMCSA, FAA, FTA, FRA, USCG, TLC & PUC, may be required to undergo the following types of compliance drug tests:

Pre-Employment Testing

Prior to being officially hired and commencing safety-sensitive tasks, employees must successfully pass a pre-employment screening program to ensure DOT compliance.

Post-Accident Testing

In the event of a DOT-regulated employee getting in an accident, the individual must undergo and pass a post-accident drug test.

Random Testing

Randomized drug and alcohol tests may be conducted before, during, or immediately after a delivery or drop-off to ensure a safe workplace.

Reasonable Suspicion Testing

If an employer or supervisor suspects that an employee’s performance is being disrupted by drug or alcohol abuse, that employee must submit to a drug or alcohol test.

Return-To-Duty Testing

Required for those who have previously failed and want to return to their employment or duty, often after completing a necessary recovery program.

Follow-Up Testing

A series of unannounced drug and alcohol tests for individuals who have previous DOT substance abuse violations, usually as part of a return-to-duty plan to monitor ongoing sobriety.

Methods of Drug and Alcohol Testing

Laboratory Testing

Drug and alcohol tests are administered through New Era Titans in collaboration with a vast network of DOT-approved testing labs nationwide.

Hair Follicle Testing

Testing that uses a substantial hair sample to detect drug use of up to a 90 day timeline.

Blind Sample Submission

Transportation employers with 2000 or more DOT employees must maintain compliance by submitting blind samples (positive and negative) to verify laboratory accuracy.

Breathe Alcohol Testing

Commonly used to check for current intoxication in employees, especially after accidents or when intoxication is suspected.

Specimen Collection

A crucial step in DOT drug tests, we provide convenient options for sample/specimen collection.


Urinalysis is the most common drug testing method as it is affordable and can effectively detect drug use. We offer both the basic DOT-required 5-panel and 14-panel urine test to meet specific organizational needs.

12,000 DOT Drug Test Facilities Nationwide

With a network of over 12,000 DOT drug test facilities nationwide, New Era Titans simplifies the process of maintaining DOT compliance for you, offering safe and efficient DOT drug testing and DOT physical exam services. Our partner laboratories, including Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp, adhere to DOT regulations to ensure accurate and reliable testing for your company.

Quest Diagnostics

Driver Qualification File Management

New Era Titans provide additional services beyond the dot drug and alcohol consortium and testing. Our Driver Qualification File (DQF) Management system will help you obtain and maintain all your drivers’ important records in one user-friendly and secure platfor

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