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DOT Employment Verifications

Employers in the transportation industry understand how important it is to have a skilled and dependable workforce.  One of the most crucial step in the hiring process for commercial drivers is DOT Employment Verification as it ensures the select candidates have the knowledge, experience, and skills required to operate commercial vehicles safely and effectively.

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Why Conduct DOT Background Checks?

DOT background checks can help employers make informed hiring decisions and ensure the individual is telling the truth. Here are the major reasons why employers should conduct DOT background checks

Do your “Due Diligence” by conducting a DOT background check.

Dot Employment Verification Requirements

DOT Employment Verification Requirements

Whether carrying passengers or even transport hazardous materials, you must hire drivers of commercial motor vehicles that have the necessary experience and practices to do so safely. Ensure you remain compliant with fair hiring laws by following DOT employment verification requirements such as obtaining consent to run verification and document findings.

You must also verify a candidate’s three-year employment history, including dates of employment, job responsibilities, and any safety-related issues. This may also be done in the meantime by doing a pre-employment screening.

If necessary, record attempts to contact previous employers of the commercial vehicle driver to show good faith effort. All this information can be safely and conveniently stored in New Era Titans driver qualification file management system.

According to 49 CFR 391, any business regulated by the Department of Transportation (DOT) requires employers to keep a driver qualification file for all employees who operate a commercial motor vehicle. Information should include the dot background check, a driver’s motor vehicle record, drug and alcohol tests, commercial driver’s license information, training certificate, etc.

Benefits of DOT Employment Verification with New Era Titans

DOT background checks protect your business. However, it may take a lot of time and effort to check a driver’s employment history from the previous three years. The types of queries that must be posed and answered without exceptions are outlined in DOT regulations.

However, finding the necessary employment information to quickly assess a candidate’s experience and skill level may be difficult. New Era Titans helps simplify the process and aids in adhering to regulations.

DOT Previous Employment Verification Steps

A DOT previous employment verification can be conducted for current and potential employees with our easy-to-use DQF management system.

1. Obtain Applicants Consent
2. Collect Required Credentials
3. Verify Employment History and Qualifications
4. Document and Store Results

Dot Employment Verification,Dot Employment Verification Requirements,Dot Previous Employment Verification,Dot Previous Employment Verification Requirements

Employment Verification

DOT Employment Verification is the process of potential motor carrier employer confirming a driver applicant’s employment history and qualifications for safety-sensitive positions.

The three years of an applicant’s employment history are included in the DOT Employment Verification, along with job responsibilities, dates of employment, and any safety-related incidents. It also entails confirming an applicant’s credentials, such as their driver’s license, training credentials, and results of any previous drug and alcohol tests.

Enroll Now for DOT Employment Verifications

Potentially shield your business from liability and advance road safety by conducting DOT employment verification with New Era Titans. Contact us today to learn more about our DOT employment verification services and ensure compliance with federal regulations