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DOT Medical & Physical Examination

New Era Titans’ team of experienced and licensed medical professionals is here to ensure your safety on the road. We specialize in providing comprehensive, efficient, and reliable DOT physical exams that meet Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations, putting you in the driver’s seat when it comes to your health and safety.

Whether you’re a new driver or need to renew your certification, our team is here to provide exceptional service. Book your appointment today and get started with your DOT physical exam.

Dot Physical Exam

What is a DOT Physical Exam?

A DOT physical exam is a medical examination that the DOT requires of anyone who wishes to operate a commercial motor vehicle (CMV).

According to 49 CFR 391.43, this exam consists of a series of tests and evaluations intended to assess the driver’s physical and mental health, ensuring that they drive safely on the road. A DOT physical exam may include vision and hearing exams, blood pressure checks, or a review of the driver’s medical history.

We specialize in offering dependable and effective DOT physical exams to assist you in meeting the DOT’s health criteria.

Medical Examination Report And Certification

DOT Medical Examination Report and Certification

After passing a DOT medical exam, you may receive a DOT medical examination report of your results outlining whether or not you meet the DOT health standards for operating a commercial motor vehicle (CMV).

If it is determined that you are in good physical condition to drive a CMV, you will be given a Medical Examiner’s Certificate which is valid for up to 24 months. This certificate serves as proof that you have passed your DOT medical examination and are qualified to operate a CMV.

Certain medical conditions can prevent you from passing a DOT medical exam. If the medical examiner finds that you do not meet the health standards, they may provide a list of recommended actions to take that can include additional testing or documentation before an approval is given.

Experienced and Licensed Medical Examiners

All our medical exams are administered by a qualified medical examiner from the national registry of certified medical examiners.

Therefore, they have been through the appropriate training and understand the DOT’s health standards.

DOT Physical Requirements

The physical exam tests you for many situations. Health history and conditions such as very high blood pressure, poor hearing or vision, sleep apnea, diabetes requiring insulin shots, certain cardiovascular diseases, and substance abuse violation are among the most common reasons for disqualification.

Here Are Just a Few Basic Requirements for Passing the DOT Exam.

DQF Management System

Since all commercial drivers are required to pass DOT physicals by a certified medical examiner, motor carriers must retain a copy of the medical exam certificate in the driver qualification file. However, keeping a copy of the certificate for each of your employee drivers can be complicated, especially for those with a large team.

For motor carriers looking to ease the process of filing, New Era Titans has the solution for you. With our Driver Qualification File Management System you will be able to securely and orderly store and monitor compliance documents.

Driver Qualification File Management Software

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to determine whether the driver satisfies the DOT’s health requirements, individuals must take a DOT physical exam entailing a number of tests and evaluations. Vision and hearing tests, blood pressure checks, and a review of the driver’s medical history are included in a DOT physical exam.

A licensed medical examiner that is included on the National Registry must carry out a DOT physical examination.

If your DOT medical examination report shows that your health meets DOT requirements, you’ll be issued a Medical Examiner’s Certificate that’s good for up to 24 months.

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Choosing the appropriate provider for your DOT medical exam can make all the difference.

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New Era Titans understands how essential it is to have a valid Medical Examiner’s Certificate to obtain or retain the ability to drive a commercial motor vehicle. Therefore, we provide swift and thorough DOT physical exams so that you are able to meet all the Department of Transportation and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations.

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